What a great way for the students at Palmerston North Boy´s High School to say goodbye to Mr. John Adams, who retired from teaching after 30 years. The student of the New Zealand school said goodbye doing a traditional Haka during the morning assembly. Definitely read the letter by the school rector here if you want to get to know how one man can help generations of students (also the haka with audio is just something else!).


Just in case you are not aware Somalia has a serious problem with the lack of drinking water. Somalis are currently affected by a recent drought and the UN Migration Agency is actually treating this problem with polyglu. The polyglu sticks to dirt and falls in the bottom. We wanted to share this with you so you can actually join their channel as we are sure everyone can help their worldly neighbours in need.

Meet Devin Graham. He is a producer of extreme sport videos on Youtube (chech his channel here). Devinsupertramp, his youtuber name has been sponsored by Subaru to create the world tallest “slip and slide” which is setup in a 500 foot cliff. Still wondering how the chute was able to hold him with those massive steel balls! Joking aside, this guy vids will definitely amaze you in several ways!

Miguel Gonzalez is definitely not an anime character but after this goal he could most definitely be one! Energy´s won over the Sacramento Republic thanks to it. Michael Harris, the defender begun by making an acrobatic flip throw hurling the ball over 40 yards and as this wasn´t enough Gonzalez end the manoeuvre with a bicycle kick that ended in one the most amazing goals we have seen in years !!

Releasing anything during April´s fool is a bad idea but it seems it is actually legit. Richard Browning a former Royal Marine, has created an Iron Man like suit using six miniature jet engines attached to a specially designed exoskeleton. It´s call the “Daedalus” and is able to fly vertically and uses the body to control speed. The British inventor said it´s able to fly at 200mph with a couple thousand of feet altitude.  He developed the suit in 13 months; he bought his first miniature jet engine in Feb2016 and end up having to buy 6 in total (around 250k British pounds!!). So… it´s either the dream house or the Iron Man suit… hmmmm… 😛


Surrey Nano System developed Vantablack®, the darkest man-made substance, originally developed for satellite calibration systems. It absorbs 99.3% of the light, so it´s usually described to the “closest thing to a black hole we´ll ever see“. Taking into consideration its space application is irrelevant to the common user, what we are really interested in knowing is; practical applications for the average Joe and Jane. The answer simple: Luxury items as Vantablack S-VIS can be sprayed (still needs some post-processing). It´s been a lot of buzz since its development but we´ll have to wait and see applied to the every day life.

Lee O´Donnell and VP Racing Fuel´s Mad Scientist® won the 2017 Monster Jam World Finals. The actual incredible news here is the fact that he pulled a never seen move in a monster track competition; a Front-flip that put him on top of the leader board with a score of 9355. Another interesting fact is that both O´Donnell and the Mad Scientist Monster Jam® (the truck 😉 ) were in their first world championship!! Was a night of first things in the championship as it was the first time the voting was in the hands of the fans on site via www.judgeszone.com . Take a look at more information about the event here.

So this time Mark Rober has completed a three year long dream. He actually created a moving dartboard where you´ll always hit the bullseye. This engineer is sure to make people at bars feel better about themselves through the magic of engineering. The 6 stepper motors he uses to move the board do so in 400 milliseconds. So it´s pretty much a draw every time you play unless you are aiming at the roof !! Check his channel here for more wizardry.


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